The Ludoquist

Last month, my mate and I walked past a quirky looking cafe, packed with people eating pizza, sat on plastic chairs, playing board games. It looked like I had walked into hipster central (Shoreditch) but it was actually Croydon!

The Ludoquist is a cafe/bar which holds over 750 boardgames, allowing their customers to play all day, every day for a decent four quid! Last week, I made a reservation for 5 and headed down to Croydon to check this cafe out.

I arrived before my friends, so took the opportunity to take photos and browse the menu. I’m seriously surprised at how reasonably priced everything was (MINUS the £3.50 cake slices), but they were serving paninis, pizza, beers, shakes AND cocktails!

The shelves of games were overwhelming, as were the many versions of Monopoly and Scrabble, but it was the First Dates game that caught my eye. This hilarious yet intrusive, x-rated game was what we decided to play for most of our evening. Some questions were so crude, my friends didn’t want to answer! 😂

It was a relaxed environment and I loved how it was a place you could catch up with friends or play a competitive game with your family.  I was also impressed with the customer service. I counted about four staff members, which to me, isn’t a lot, but they appeared to be pretty chilled, were polite and very informative…especially when I kept asking them how their ‘board game cafe’ works!

For £4 a session (that’s £4 to play as many games for as long as you want!) it is worth a visit for those that ever venture down South London. 😉



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